Why use myreadinglog.net?
There are number of reasons you will like to use this electronic reading log.
First, there is no need to print out those reading logs, diaries or charts. It is an old, not-a-cool way. There must be a newer and tech-savvy way to keep track of daily (routine) reading progress. It saves time to collect and organize those traditional notes.
It is much common to misplace notebooks, papers, pencils and those stuffs. When you are ready to write those brilliant thoughts, you get disrupted and disappointed that your paper and pencils are nowhere nearby. That dissolves everything, your new thoughts, enthusiasm and time to note down those important reviews. But with this electronic log, that problem is solved. It is handy, easy and always available on your electronic device. No more hassle to find a reading log, when it’s time to show it!
It is much faster to note down your reflections on a good read. It is like your diary is always on your fingertips, and it just takes few moments to make an entry on your account.
More to it, this is a green way to enjoy your reading journey as usual. You are making a journal online, that’s a great option to save precious papers.
Anyone with a computer and Internet connection can use it. It is designed for all ages from infants to seasoned readers. Moms (and dads too) can create special reading logs for their entire family.
So, now it is time to act. Create your account at www.myreadinglog.net, and start to make your reading more fruitful.

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